10 Signs You’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

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1.You have a love/hate relationship with eye contact: When you’re a highly sensitive person, eye contact is especially intense and meaningful. While you’re prone to enjoy the deep connection of a locked gaze under the right circumstances, under the wrong circumstances, it can make you feel exposed and downright uncomfortable. Not only that, but it can open doors you didn’t intend to open: stare too long or at the wrong time (when someone is already staring at you), and an accidental tension might develop. Finally, as an HSP, you can be deeply affected by any unwanted emotions you might find in another’s gaze (disappointment, annoyance, etc.). 

2.You cry unpredictably. After years of absorbing a variety of rich emotions and discerning their hidden, interlinked connections and meanings, it’s become unpredictable what will trigger your tears. While the heavy topics known to make others cry won’t always move you, seemingly trivial tragedies can.  

3.It’s hard for you to do focused work for long. When you apply yourself, you apply your entire self. For this reason, emotionally stimulating work can exhaust you sooner than others. 

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4.You have no shortage of sad songs in your music library. You’re no stranger to sadness; because of this, you’ve discovered that one of the most comforting ways to make your sadness better is to envelop yourself in a song whose vibe or lyrics makes you feel less alone. Another reason you have a large catalog of sad songs is because of all the emotions humans can feel, it’s proven that sadness is the longest lasting emotion. Being that you feel deeply, it can take you longer to overcome sadness so you have songs for all the different flavors.

5.You prefer being alone over being with the wrong people. When you’re an HSP, things that feel wrong feel very wrong. For this reason, you’d always rather be alone and find (or create) your true home rather than settle into a fake one. Being fake or trying to be someone you’re not is exhausting and you just can’t live that way. Perhaps it was never your intention to divorce or change careers at 35, but the discomfort of not being in a place that ‘fit’ ultimately made the decision for you.  

6.You don’t believe physical pain is worse than emotional pain. HSPs know that emotional pain can be just as miserable as physical pain (possibly even worse as there are no reasonable painkillers for emotional or spiritual pain). 

7.You have high self-awareness. Feeling increases awareness by affirming how your external world affects your internal world. Because you feel so much, you’re constantly making new connections between how your actions, emotions, and external world relate.

8.You’ve been known to cry during sex. A particularly enriching orgasm can be so intense that your body runs out of ways to ‘contain’ it. You’ve already writhed, clenched, scratched, groaned, gasped, made your ‘O’ face, and yet–the energy is still boiling over and needs more outlets. Emotionally overwhelmed, tears pool into your eyes which roll down your face threatening to turn into a full blown sob session. 

9.You’re no stranger to depression. With sadness being the strongest and longest lasting emotion, sadness can hit you deeply and can last longer than it might for others. And, because you know that not everyone can understand what you’re going through, it’s natural for you to want to isolate yourself so as to avoid having to be ‘fake happy’ around others, or potentially make your sadness worse by seeing other happy people and wonder why your sadness is so penetrating.

10.You fear the pain of death more than death itself. Because you experience emotion so strongly, you’re less afraid of what will happen following death and are more afraid of what you might feel during the dying process. 

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