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9 Signs You Love Someone

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Unlike a crush or infatuation, love reaches us to our very core. This truth is what gives love its unrivaled ability to trigger the most intense spiritual transformations. Here’s 7 signs you love someone: 

1. You want to be your best self for them. Imagine the world’s best parent: emotionally available, supportive, and unconditionally loving. Wouldn’t you want to be your best self to not let them down? This parent deserves the best and you’re not going to disappoint them. This feeling is similar in romantic love. When you love someone, you’re willing to show up, do the work, and go the extra distance. Why? Because they deserve the best version of you.

2. They feel like home. Around them, you feel safe, comfortable, and like you can be your real self. For those who are the goofy type, goofiness around them is effortless.

3. You think of them a lot. Not only does their energy deeply affect you (their happiness/sadness becomes your happiness/sadness), but they’re a meaningful source of light in your life. Thus, they often occupy your mind. 

4. Your connection feels ‘special.’ Somehow, they ‘get you’ in a way many others don’t. If you lost them, the connection could never be replaced in the same way.  

5. The thought of sharing a future with them fills you with joy. Joy is the purest, most wholesome form of happiness. To feel anything less than this about your future would be a telling sign. 

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6. Sex is spiritually fulfilling in a way it isn’t with others. Although for many people, sex with those they don’t love is often a ‘means to an end,’ when we love someone, the sex is like entering another dimension… a divine place only you and them can enter together. And, rather than race to the end, you savor each moment. This is because sex is like makeup and can only enhance what’s already there. With someone you don’t love, the orgasm is the highlight of the experience, but with someone you love, the entire experience, beginning to end, is the highlight.  

7. You’re willing to suffer for them. A person’s willingness to suffer for another is proportional to how much they love that person. A willingness to face the deepest, darkest hell is a tell-tale sign you love them.  

8.They deserve your honesty. If the idea of lying to them triggers deep guilt, it’s because you know they deserve better. When lying to someone we love, not only does it feel like a betrayal to them, but it feels like a betrayal to ourselves too. Not only have we failed them, but we didn’t live up to being our best selves for them either. If someone can lie to their loved one without guilt, they don’t love them. 

9.You sacrifice your ego for them. Although painful, we apologize and admit our wrongdoings to the people we love because they’re worth it, and because doing otherwise would be to disrespect them. If we didn’t do these things and lost the person, we’d run the risk of forever regretting our prior selfishness.  

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