8 Reasons Small Breasts are Awesome

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1. Our cleavage is mysteriously enticing. While large breasts often create bold ‘butt crack’ cleavage, small breasts oppositely create a shy, shadowy cleavage. Rather than tease with fullness, our cleavage captivates with what it hides. 

2. Models accurately reflect what clothes would look like on us. Because most traditional fashion models are also small-chested, if something flatters them, we know it’ll flatter us too. 

3. We can wear v-necks and low-cut tops while remaining ‘low key.’ Before my brief porn career, I debated getting breast implants. To decide, I conducted an experiment: I bought a push-up bra in my desired cup size, filled it with silicone gel inserts matching the number of implant CCs I wanted (CCs = implant fullness), and wore one of my ordinary, deep v-neck wrap tops to the mall. 

Instantly, my chest became an attention magnet; virtually every person I talked to noticed my cleavage first.

Before, when I’d worn the top with my smaller, natural chest, people looked at my face just as much (if not more) than my chest. Deep down, the contrasting experience made me miss when I could get away with wearing lower cut tops without drawing as much lewd attention to myself. 

Ultimately, this was a breaking point. I didn’t like my chest being the first thing people noticed. Big breasts seemed all or nothing. 

Either you covered them completely or you showed them and accepted the attention they’d draw. With small breasts, the best of both worlds was possible. Some people look at your face first, others your chest, and everything would feel balanced. 

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4. We appear confident. When we wear clothes that flatter our small bosoms, we exude confidence in our femininity. We’re AA, A, and B cup and proud. 

5. No back issues. Breast-born back pain is forreign problem for us. Hopefully supportive bras help to alleviate some of this pain.

6. Less sagging. With less weight for gravity to pull on, our breasts are more likely to retain their shape for longer. 

7. We can wear cute sports bras doing cardio. While big breasted women have to wear ultra supportive, bulky, gladiator-armor bras, us small chested gals can go jogging in a cute, strappy, low to medium support sports bra because that’s all we need. 

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8. We belong to a committee! Yes, we’re part of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee! Last I heard, there were no rhyming titty committees for big breasted women (sorry, C+ cup ladies!).

Ultimately, while large breasts have been historically popular, modern fashion has made small breasts increasingly chic. In my experience, for every man who prefers large breasts, there are just as many men who prefer small ones or have no preference.

Interestingly, boob size seems to be for women what dick size is for men. Unless a guy has an exceptionally small dick, most women really don’t care. Similarly, most men don’t care about breast size to the extent women do.

So there you have it, 8 reasons why small breasts are absolutely the cat’s meow. What do you think? Any additional personal perks you’d love to share?

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