6 Ways to Have Healthier Post Nut Clarity

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A vital aspect of sex positivity* is engaging in sexual activity that makes your life spiritually and psychologically enhanced. If you regularly experience negative post nut clarity, this would be considered sex-negative energy. Whether you experience negative post nut clarity only some of the time or all of the time, here’s 6 ways you can enjoy happier post nut clarity.

*To learn more about my vision of sex positivity, feel free to check out my article “The (Not So Obvious) Truth About Sex Positivity.” 

1. Don’t masturbate out of boredom. When bored, it’s easy to become desperate for any means of entertainment. However, from this desperation, you might watch content you otherwise wouldn’t. Rather than masturbating when you’re bored, masturbate when you know you’re in the right place mentally to commit to a healthy, happy orgasm (even if it takes longer!).

2. Have a good relationship with the people you watch. A common destroyer of peaceful post nut clarity is guilt. Because it’s common knowledge that the sex industry is rife with unique ethical challenges, to subconsciously wish the people you watch the best in life can make a real difference. Although it sounds cheesy, the more you do this, the less guilt you’re feel in the long-run.

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3. Avoid orgasms that feel self-destructive. Sometimes we can develop a kink from triggering or painful parts of our past. To avoid feeling bad after the fact, it’s important to try to teach yourself to enjoy orgasms that are healthy and foster love and respect. We are all on a sexual journey, and if you find yourself achieving climax through less than completely positive or wholesome means, the best thing to do is to not feel shame after the fact. However, if you must indulge self-destructive orgasms…

4. Use positive affirmations during a dark masturbation session. Sometimes people have to tell themselves depraved things to get off. These things can be about themselves or others. If you can mix in some positive truth, you’ll have a healthier post nut clarity. For example: Let’s say a woman was sexually assaulted at a young age and has a habit of masturbating to it.

Rather than completely indulge the ‘lie’ that she’s deserving of violation and disrespectful treatment, it would be extremely helpful for her, in the midst of her masturbating, to pepper in quick affirmative thoughts that she is deserving of respect and love, etc. Throughout your session, remind yourself of the positive truth before, during, and after. This method is like if someone were to binge entire box of powdered donuts while eating a cherry tomato and baby carrot in between each donut.

Ultimately, the peppered positivity would help the binger to feel less guilty about the binge in hindsight (at least they got a serving of veggies in).

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5. Forgive yourself. Sometimes people have kinks for unethical types of porn. Although it’s natural to feel ashamed, know that shame won’t make your life energy more positive. The more positive your life energy becomes, the less you’ll be drawn to content that negatively affects it, like watching unethical porn. Just focus on trying to make your life energy more positive and know that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ 

6. Try to make love and emotional connection the focus of your masturbation session. Although it can be easy to focus and only get off on the physical animalistic aspects of sex, the emotional and connective aspects are what make human sex unique and special. Sex is a love portal, and watching a lot of porn can make people forget that.

In a sex fantasy, focus on how much you trust the person. If you don’t have such a person in your life, spend an hour creating a fake Good person in your head to imagine for emotionally healthy masturbation. The more realistic the better.

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