9 Signs You’re a Natural Sex Goddess

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No matter who you are or where you are in the world–there’s a real chance you’re a sex goddess. What’s a sex goddess?

A sex goddess is a female with a heightened aptitude for connecting with sex energy. Just as a mathematician or a philosopher have increased aptitudes for logic, sex goddesses have a heightened connection with sex. Here are eight signs you might be one:

1. You genuinely like sex. Although it’s a bit of a paradox, not all women who exude sex energy like sex. An example are some of the women in porn; despite their sexiness, not all of them truly enjoy the sex.

Whether you love sex for its adventurousness, the rush, the bonding ‘hugginess’ or any other positive aspect–one thing is certain: deep down, you really like sex. You might not always cum, and you might not love everything you try, but the world of sex is one you make time to explore and enjoy. 

What about women who like harmful sex? Are they sex goddesses? Spiritually, our truest selves need respect and healthy connections to thrive; therefore, it’s impossible to genuinely like sex that overrides our self-respect to foster abuse. Although some women may seek this form of sex as a trauma or coping response, it wouldn’t be the genuine self’s desire. Our deepest, truest selves never wish for self-harm. These women could be sex goddesses, but unless they begin to heal their sex energy, they’ll struggle to reach their spiritual potential.

2. Sex has been a meaningful marker for your growth. While we all grow, we don’t measure our growth by the same means. Additionally, while we grow in many ways, some forms of growth are more meaningful for us than others. The forms we most identify with reflect our deepest goals.

For example, someone aspiring to be an Olympian might view physical fitness as their most meaningful marker for personal growth.

Someone else with an eating disorder might mark their significant personal growth through their relationship with food.

As a sex goddess, sex has likely been one of the most significant sources from which you’ve gleaned the highest insight, self-reflection, and growth. 

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3. You know how to cum. Although the shame and stigma surrounding sex have improved, there still exist women who’ve shied away from exploring their own bodies out of shame and fear. Whether it’s of the clitoral, g-spot, or anal variety, the delicacy of orgasm is a multi-layered experience you’re grateful to experience.  

4. You know you deserve sexual satisfaction. Different minds and bodies have different sexual needs. Where some sex goddesses need a partner with whom they deeply know and trust (and therefore might not be physically intimate with until after months of dating), others might need only a compatible sense of humor and a ‘click.’

Either way, you know when good sex is on the horizon and you do everything you can to prepare for and enjoy it. Life without meaningful sex is like a life without flavorful food. Whether you need sex twice a month or twice a day, it’s something you just can’t miss. 

5. You’re not afraid of sex energy. To give into sex energy is to allow deep-rooted animal energy to become untamed. While some women live their entire lives fearful of ‘losing control’ over this erotic energy, you’ve learned to enjoy it.

Whether you utilize it through flirting, sensuous dance, losing yourself in full-body orgasms, or more, indulging your authentic sex energy makes you feel beautiful and ripe.

6. If you had to choose between the best food or the best orgasms, you’d pick orgasms. Although I won’t deny that the best foods are like orgasms, they’re just not the same. While the best foods are mouthwateringlyvcrave-able, the best orgasms are… divine.

While few meals have made individuals cry from the depths of their souls… orgasms regularly do. At an auction, what would fetch a higher bet? A meal from a Michelin 5-star restaurant or an orgasmic, lovemaking session with someone you’re in love with? 

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7. You own your sexual narrative. Whether your sex life has been traditional, wild, or somewhere inbetween, you strive to demystify the anatomy of what makes your sex life your sex life. On the scale from celibacy to female libertine, you view yourself from a place of self-compassionate self-love and aren’t afraid of who you are.

8. You understand the dichotomous nature of sex. As the yin and yang symbolize, there’s good and evil in everything–sex included. Just as monks understand the danger of negative temptation, you understand the positive and negative powers of sex. In all reality, sex can ruin a life as much as it can enhance it.

Whether you’ve personally experienced or witnessed the dark potential of sex, you know it’s no joking matter. This understanding has helped you to better understand the value of practicing positive sex energy habits.. 

9. You don’t look down on other women’s sexual narratives. As humans, it’s natural to want others to have happy and fulfilling sex lives, but you know it’s impossible to force someone out of their free will or to grow faster than they’re willing to.

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