How to Accept When Evil People Thrive

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The concept of karma has long been a comfort because it soothes our fears when we see evil people ‘get away with’ their wrongs. However, bitterness and subconscious anger can negatively affect how we view and interact with the world. So, how do we accept evil people who appear to thrive? How do we forget them and move on with our own life when they seem to defy the karma many of us rely on for truth? Continue reading for four perspectives: 

1.Perhaps they are suffering; know that suffering can and does occur invisibly. While we may know that someone could be suffering despite happy social media posts and a seemingly ideal external life, to be unable to see proof of any suffering can make it hard to believe that they could be. It’s almost like until we see proof of someone’s suffering, we can’t believe it. But think of your own worst times. Were you announcing your misery to the world and sharing about it on social media, etc? Probably not.

When people suffer, they tend to withdraw invisibly–even if they’re posting photos that seem to prove otherwise. A personal example of this was about a girl who went to my rival high school. Despite being classically beautiful, popular, and with cheerful social media posts, she committed suicide in her senior year of college, right before receiving a degree in Social Work. I never knew her, but others said that she was caring, and perhaps cared too much about the world. 

At a first glance, many girls would do anything to be her. And yet, her tremendous suffering was not only invisible to all, but unbearable. Her suicide was a massive shock to the people who thought they knew her; she was the last person anyone would think would commit suicide. Although this is an exceptionally sad example, it’s an example that yes, people do suffer invisibly. You don’t need to see it to know it exists. During your own pain, a random person across the globe had no knowledge of your suffering, and yet, that didn’t make your pain any less real. Know that people do suffer invisibly so you can let go and move on without needing to see proof.

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2. It’s possible the universe has no reason to punish them. This relates to the reality that two things can be correct and yet mutually exclusive to each other. Allow me to elaborate further. A painful truth is that just because you’re in pain or someone else’s view conflicts with yours doesn’t automatically mean they’re wrong. You can be right and they can be right, but you can’t both be right at the same time.

An example is when a color blind person can’t see color; they’re right when they say the world is only shades of the same color. However, you can see color, and you’re also right when you say you can see vastly different colors. And yet, despite both of you being right, it’s not possible for someone to be fully color blind and fully non-color blind at the same time. Perhaps you are right, and they were right too, but both rights can’t exist together. Perhaps in whatever situation that caused both of you pain, the universe knew you were both right. And if both of you are right, then there’s no reason for anyone to be punished. 

3.The universe is more forgiving than people. Some murderers get away with a murder for years until the evidence eventually catches up with them. So, if the universe knew they murdered someone, why did it allow them to live freely for all those years? Because the universe is more forgiving than humans. We are children of it, and it understands itself better than any of us. Although this might scare you, know that it also applies to you. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’ve likely caused someone tremendous pain. And yet, since then you’ve likely enjoyed many things like your favorite foods, enjoyed days off, cuddles with your pet, shelter from the elements, and more. 

4.They have had good intentions that went wrong in execution. For example, let’s say a girl you’ve begun to date was close to her mother who died a year ago. You decide to surprise her by taking her to an Ethiopian restaurant. However, as soon as you pull up, she breaks down crying because that used to be her mom’s favorite restaurant. Inadvertently, you just caused her horrific pain, but your intentions were in the right place. If you knew that was her mom’s favorite restaurant, you would have chosen a different place.

This happens in less obvious ways all the time. We hurt people, trigger them, and yet it was never our intention to do so. As humans, we universally share the struggle of not fully knowing the pain we cause others. Right now, you may be wondering, if the person who hurt me doesn’t feel guilt or might not be aware of the misery they caused, then at whom do you direct your anger? Why did this pain happen to you? For more insight on this, feel free to check out my article, “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People.”

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