Review: Teen Spirit Pinafore Skirt by Hell Bunny

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Although modest, this flattering pinafore skirt always yields me an almost unnerving amount of stares and compliments every time I wear it. Is it the over-the-shoulder straps? The high waist? The boxy, lumberjack plaid? The pleated ruffles? Whatever it is, this skirt has Pizzazz. And, although I’m wearing the green plaid style, it also comes in white plaid, red plaid, and in a softer grey plaid called Eddystone.

The Fit

In the photos, I’m wearing a size XS, have a 25 – 25.5 inch waist, weigh 123 lbs, have a 34B chest, and am 5 ft 6 inches. Although the waist isn’t adjustable with smocking, the sizing is pretty forgiving with Hell Bunny’s sizing chart correlating a size XS (their smallest size) with a 25.6 inch waist. In America, many XS and size 0 garments are designed for 24 – 25 inch waists.

Fortunately, the over-the-shoulder straps are adjustable (and fully removable). In the back of the garment, the straps cross in an X and continue invisibly into the skirt for about five inches. Within this extra five inches are three vertical buttonholes for you to choose how long or short you’d like the straps to be. In the photos, I wore mine on the highest buttonhole (the shortest length).

Putting it On

Although it has no zipper, the skirt is easy to take off and off because all of the black front buttons come completely undone.

The Material

At 65% polyester and 35% viscose, this garment is smooth, relatively wrinkle resistant, and is the perfect weight. It’s not so thick and heavy that you can only wear it in the winter, but it’s not so light that it’s impractical during colder months.

The Quality

Extremely well made. The skirt is on the pricier side at $104 (currently on sale for $70) and this is reflected. None of the buttons feel loose (and it comes with 2 extras), the stitching is clean and neat, and I feel confident it would last years if properly taken care of.


The inner tag says to “Wash Separately” and “Do Not Tumble Dry.” However, I always wash it in a regular load of neutral colors and nothing bad has ever happened. It’s never shrank, never bled, etc.

Final Thoughts

Although this skirt could be worn with any top, I find the long-sleeve turtleneck look to be perfect. Thus, it’s a skirt naturally suited for the fall and winter (and in perfect-for-plaid colors). It also has two deep pockets! You can find this skirt currently on sale for $70 on Hell Bunny’s website here.

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