Officially launched in 2023, the Emily Sahara blog is a thoughtful space for those interested in sex positivity, personal wellness, and all things bookish. As a quickly growing collective of articles intended to entertain and promote deeper thinking, open minded book-lovers, thinkers, seekers, and classy stylists will feel right at home.

Why Was it Started?

The birth of this site stemmed from a desire to create a space where thoughtful discussion about sex (including topics like sex work & the taboo) were seamlessly intertwined with lighter and more normalized topics like love, self improvement, self reflection, and literature.

Although darker themed sex discussions are often secluded to seedy websites, I wanted to create something I’d personally never encountered: a site that felt clean and positive while still promoting discussion about love, wellness, books, and diverse sex topics.


Hi there 🙂 I’m a veteran, former sex worker, and lover of all things books. Since my earliest discovery of porn, I knew the improvement of our culture’s sex energy was immensely important to me.

After leaving the military at 20 years old, I set out to pursue a sex work career as a courtesan at a Nevada brothel and in porn. During this time, I came to learn enlightening truths about love, sex, life, and relationships. These truths not only stemmed from my own experiences but from the many vulnerable conversations I’d had with my clients.

Since retiring from the sex industry, it’s become a desire of mine to share these insights and live more transparently so as to help others experience a truly sex positive environment.

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